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9 Questions every IT student should ask before joining any training program


It is not uncommon to hear complains from many students about the training centers or trainers after joining the course or after completing the course. Here are some of the complains we hear often

  • Our trainer asked us to pay extra for training material which should be given free as part of the training program
  • After completing the training, trainer is not responding to my email queries or phone calls
  • Why should we buy software separately, I thought training institute supposed to give free
  • They didn’t cover the topics I was expecting

To avoid these issues and to choose trainer wisely, you should ask following questions. Here each point can become itself a seperate topic but we can deeper in later blogs.

1. What Contents do you cover as part of this training program?

This is the most basic thing, you should have given the clear content list what the trainer is going to cover in the class. One better way for you to assess the quality and quantity of the content list is look for other training institutes curriculum and compare with them. For marketing, trainers may publish all the things in the world as part of the training program, but by explicitly asking them to send an email with content list, you can demand for the topics they promised. (more…)

November 4, 2012 |

Why you should choose paid learning compared to self-learning


If you are like me, you will first try to learn a new skill by yourself, either by buying a book or searching online for free stuff. This is not wrong, but it has some issues. Here I’ll explain the pros of both self-learning and paid learning, as well as why you should look for paid training rather than participating in self-learning.

Self-learning is good in the following situations:

  • You are not in a rush and you don’t mind spending months or years to learn a new skill
  • You have access to required resources including the new software, applications, and learning materials
  • You have access to subject matter experts (SMEs) in that IT area who are ready to give your guidance and help you when you are stuck (more…)
September 20, 2012 |
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